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Children's Picnic

On August 4, 2007, Children's Picnic organized by Gurdwara Baba Deep Singh took place at the Lone Mountain Park, few miles away from the Gurdwara site. The picnic began late morning and carried into late afternoon.

Day's events started with "light" breakfast comprising of varieties of cookies, chips and bhelpuri along with tea and other beverages. The big attraction for the kids was jumper and it did not take long to set it up and the kids jumped in at once. While kids were busy playing inside the jumper, adults along with teens commenced the game of Antakshri - it was a men versus women action! Despite the fact that males had an upper hand in the quantity, ladies won the game of Antakshri. Gurdwara sangat is well aware of Sukhvinder Kaur's (Mitti) beautiful voice and superior singing talents. She was forerunner among the females for her spirit and willingness to sing aloud.

As the sun was straightening itself, enthusiasm and energy among the participants was rising as well. Spoon race and tri-legged race were enjoyed by everyone. The race events were divided into four categories - children between 5 to 12, children between 13 to 18, adult males and females. Anie, Bhagatjit Singh, Bhavjot Singh, Harinderjit Singh, Harpreet Singh, Karandev Singh, Prabhjot Singh, Rohini, Satinderjit Singh, Sunny Singh, and Trijot Singh won various competitions. The winners were awarded gift cards by Sardar. Jagdev Singh Grewal after the lunch.

After the exhausting but invigorating games, the hungry bellies were supplied with cheese pizza, vegetable pizza, chana-bhatura, and ice cream. Neelam Kaur's (Surjit Singh's wife) birthday was also celebrated in the late afternoon following the lunch.

Despite the usual Las Vegas heat, everyone admitted had an enjoyable and memorable time. Feeling of liveliness and enthusiasm was alive among the participants until the very end.

The Gurdwara Committee appreciates the participants for their time, passion and presence in the Children's Picnic. Based on the enthusiasm of the participants, gurdwara committee has decided to organize picnic thrice a year. Gurdwara committee thanks Gyani Ajit Singh (Gurdwara priest), Dr. Amarjit Kaur Pannu, Amar Trivedi (Charlotte), Anil Mathur, Balji Kaur Dosanjh, Bhupinder Bhatti, Daljit Singh Dhillon, Gurjit Dhillon, Harjit Dhillon, Harvinder Singh, Jaspal and Jasbir Sidhu, Kaminder Singh, Manjit and Tejinder Singh, Raj Dhaliwal, Sarbdeep Singh, Surjit Singh, Swadeep Nigam (, Teja Singh and Tony Singh for their contributions. Besides the above listed names, Gurdwara Committee also thanks the cleaning crew who stayed after the event to clean up the park.