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Welcome to the web site of Gurdwara Baba Deep Singh - a Sikh place of worship, a doorway to the Guru or God's house.

This Gurdwara was incorporated in October 1998 and serves to the needs of the people located in Las Vegas, NV and surrounding areas. It was established to fulfill the following objectives:
  • To form a place to learn, practice and promote religious, cultural and social values based on the concept of One God and Universal Brotherhood as taught by the Sikh Gurus and Sri Guru Granth Sahib.
  • To arrange regular sessions on gurbani and to teach Sikh religious and cultural traditions.
  • To organize programs, to promote the Sikh religion and culture and to teach Sikh history and Punjabi language.
  • To establish educational programs and facilities for the development of children and youth.




Free Health Advice from Leading Physicians*

@ Gurdwara Sahib Dispensory

Sundays: 1 pm- 2 pm

* These sessions are primarily for advice and counseling. Not intended for diagnos/treatment.